Used mainly for shows and mnay night-life events, pre-sale allows to those who choose to buy in advance their tickets to get a discount on the public retail price because they fund the event this way. 

Crowdfund next collection of a fashion designer!

PRE-SALE : How it works. 

All businesses and whatever their size are, all need cash to flow in order to fund their projects whether they are completely new or simply recurrent. We are no exception to this rule. By inspiring ourselves from the well-known crowd-funding but also from the the pre-sale - wide spread in the organisation of night events-, we came up with this new idea: 
We open pre-sale only few weeks at most before the new designs enter our shops on with values of EUR 50, EUR 100, EUR 150 and EUR 200 vouchers. By using those pre-sale vouchers on the upcoming new collection, you get up to a 20% bonus on the retail price which is more than our maximum discount at the end of the season (facial value of the voucher credited of an additional bonus from 5 to 20% depending of the amount of money invested)! It means any voucher value will be credited of an additional bonus for any design of the new collection (based on full retail price without any discount, not including any other offers or special event). 

Pre-sale will only be open for a very limited period of time and before the release of the new collection. 

By giving us access to an alternative funding, absolutely vital for our very survival, we ofer you a return on investment up to 20% for only a few weeks of patience! That's a lot more than what you could get from risking your money on markets ;) 

Vouchers bought during PRE-SALE will allow you to buy all designs from the new collection with an IMMEDIATE bonus up to 20% on the purchased value (only applicable on base retail price of designs with no discount)! 


  • pre-sale vouchers of EUR 50, EUR 100, EUR 150 and EUR 200 can only be purchased from our online shop.
  • pre-sale vouchers can be purchased in any quantity within 1 to 5 with a maximum of 5 (EUR 500) by person.
  • pre-sale vouchers must be paid fully the day of their purchase with direct payment means available from our online shop.
  • pre-sale vouchers can only be used on the collection they were printed for in order to get the credited pre-sale bonus (only applicable on the base retail price without nay discount, excluding special offers or events). If used on any other designs from previous collections, only facial value will take place without any kind of bonus, and value will remain exactly what you paid for.
  • pre-sale vouchers are linked to your personal identity for your own security. However you can transmit the ownership of this voucher to anyone you like by simply messaging us, only if you make that person know of the full present conditions.
  • pre-sale vouchers can be used at once or in multiple occasions. if only partially used, a new voucher of the remaining value will be provided to you if that value is above EUR 1.
  • pre-sale vouchers are not refundable.
  • pre-sale vouchers are only valid for 1 full calendar year.


  • as soon as the designs from the new collections are available in store, you will be notified if you ask us to. This way you can be very firsts among all to choose from the new designs
  • straight from the beginning of the season you will be able to use yourpre-sale vouchers on any articles of the new collection with a substantial bonus (only applicable on base retail price without any discount, excluding special offers or event).
  • you will benefit from the best discount we make during sales, without having to wait for one bit and without risking to see the last design of a kind be sold to someone else while you wait.
  • not having to wait to get a discount, you get a larger choice of designs / versions / colors available for you to choose from
  • if you purchase a total of EUR 300 of PRE-SALE vouchers or more and want your order to be shipped to you, it is usable with free shipment to metropolitan France or if you are living aboard, we will refund you half of the total shipment costs on a new voucher credited on your account. (not usable with 3 times payment with credit card)
  • if none of the new collection design would give you full satisfaction, you can always use your voucher on any other designs, however value will remain the facial value and will not be credited of any bonus.
  • you can use your PRESALE vouchers on any customized order of coats, jackets and dresses we make in our shop. (Usually special & customized orders never get discounted since they are made only for you). Note restrictions for special & customized orders also apply here. Most of our designs can be made within the range of size FR34 to size FR42 and only sometimes up to size FR44 and not above. Customized orders cannot be dealt with during collection make time schedule (please check orders calendars)


  • by helping us with an alternate funding source, we do not have to get a bank loan with its hazardous conditions (bank always win!), and still be able to sufficient funds for making new collections!
  • we do not have to worry about having enough finances for our production and our new projects.
  • we can offer the best deal to oustomers actually supporting us the more!

It is by cutting down the number of middlemen and the waste, we can reduce our costs a little and by cascading effect reduce our retail prices without reducing our quality.

The kind of relationship we want is a direct relation between us -the designer- and you -the customer-.
We hope you like this new idea to make you save some money, this without touching anything which is making our label what it is, a small business in woman fashion working only with very limited edition of a pretty decent quality all locally Made in France!