Secured payment

Our secure payment

For additional security our e-shop has been the object of an authentication by a specialized organism to verify the accuracy of the datas we provided before being granted with the SSL certificate.

On our online store when you access your account, you will automatically be redirected before entering your information on an HTTPS page.

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is actually a simple HTTP protocol, we took care to secure by encrypting using a supplementary protocol, called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). "Developped" by banking organizations, it is used on the Internet by all serious online shops to maintain the security of the transactions.

For anyone interested in learning more about this secured protocol please read the following articles (cryptography - security of data exchanged).

“HTTPS: an extra S which means « Security »”

No bank datas stored

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When you make a payment using credit card on our e-shop, you enter your data directly on the website of our bank, SOCIETE GENERAL. At no time we come into possession of your credit card details, only our bank becomes aware it to or not to authorize payment.

Since we do not have your banking details we cannot get them stolen.

3D-Secure system for VISA / Mastercard payments


MasterCard Secure CodeVerified by VISA


Our e-shop has put in place the 3D SECURE payment system.

What is it?

It is a system to authenticate cardholders, developed by the two credit card networks, Visa and MasterCard. Since 1 October 2008, French banks have set up 3D secure to all their carriers.

What does that bring to the user?

3D SECURE is an additional protection. For you, it's also a safeguard against fraudulent use of your credit card.

How does it work?

When paying your order by credit card, in addition to the number, expiry date and security code, with the 3D SECURE, you authenticate yourself with a code or personal information you provided your own bank.


Note to foreign visitors:
This additional security layer put in place widely in France, may very well not be in place in your country already, or you may not even know about it just yet. For exemple some banks choose to make verifications with a pin-code sent to the mobile of the card holder after you entered your card details to confirm the transaction made, but this can only be done if your bank has your mobile number already.
For this reason we may offer you with alternative payment means such as bank direct transfert or PayPal, but additional time or charges may apply (usually 5%) depending on your choice. Please ask us for details.