Since 2005, MADEVA is making all its collections locally in very limited editions here in France, in Paris.

Before anything else it is the insurance of a top quality work, it is also for us the result of our engagements.

We are a local business and even if we are a small one, we want to belive that we can change this crazy world to a more reasonable one. Because we aim to be a green company, it would just be insane to have our collections made the other side of the world just because it is cheaper!
Instead we prefer to support local and small businesses, making our designs in small workshops and crafts(wo)men here in Paris. There is no mass production here, everything is made with love in very limited editions, the only way for us to provide our customers with the exclusivity and the quality they are looking for.

We may be at the margin of the rest of the fashion industry, but we think things can be made differently, in a better way, and we devote ourselves to make  this possible everyday.

We hope our commitments will matter to you.